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Welcome to the Iowa Sportsmans Series.  The Iowa Sportsmans Series was created with the purchase of the Iowa Enduro Series in February 2010.  The purpose of the Iowa Sportsmans Series is to provide fun, safe racing in a family enviorement without the stress of a weekly racing schedule.  Our series is on a monthly series.  Our race setup is 150 laps or 3 hours, which ever comes first.   Some of our sponsors this year are  Scheoder Frame and alignment Sigourney, Tremmel Backhoe Sigourney , Dirtworks Repair without our sponsors this would not be possible. So be sure to support our sponsors . If you would like to sponser a race contact Darrin @ . We can customize any level to fit your needs. Please contact us with any questions.

Signup for the races will be done the day of the race. Memberships are $60. We require that you use the raciever radio durning the race as this is a saftey feature, each race is responsible for bringing there own raceiver. Entry fee for the race is $50 for members And non-members $70. ALL DRIVERS WILL  USE RACIEVER RADIOS.

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