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Welcome to the Iowa Sportsmans Series.  The purpose of the Iowa Sportsmans Series is to provide fun, safe racing in a family environment without the stress of a weekly racing schedule.    Our race setup is 100- 200 laps or 3 hours, which ever comes first.   Some of our sponsors this year are  Scheoder Frame and alignment Sigourney, Sigourney Body Shop, Tremmel Backhoe Sigourney , Dirtworks Repair, Tish Enterprise, Dawson Construction without our sponsors this would not be possible. So be sure to support our sponsors . If you would like to sponser a race contact Darrin @ . We can customize any level to fit your needs. Please contact us with any questions.

Signup for the races will be done the day of the race. Memberships are $60. We require that you use the raciever radio durning the race as this is a saftey feature, each racer is responsible for bringing there own raceiver. Entry fee for the race is $50 for members.  ALL DRIVERS WILL  USE RACIEVER RADIOS.

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